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Table of Contents
(AuthorHouse/ISBN: 978-1-4918-0454-4 -
Soft Cover

      626 Pages/ ISBN: 978-1-4918-0452-0 - Hard Cover)

Chapter 1: Public Relations - A Brief History

Chapter 2: Anatomy of Strategic Communication or The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts -- Synergy

Chapter 3: TEC (A Total Effort to Communicate) -- Overview of a Successful Public Relations Program

Chapter 4: Research Techniques Simplified -- or -- You Talk...We Listen

Chapter 5: Basic Strategic (Persuasive) Writing Techniques

Chapter 6: Advanced Strategic (Persuasive) Writing Techniques

Chapter 7: Public Relations (Strategic) Planning and Budgeting

Chapter 8: You, Too, Can Conduct Successful Campaigns

Chapter 9: Media Relations -- and -- The Impact of Public Relations (Strategic Communication) on the News

Chapter 10: Cross Platforming -- The Networked Age --Radio, TV, Internet and Nonbroadcast Video [Collaborative Media]

Chapter 11: What Public Relations Practitioners and Other Strategic Communicators Should Know About Advertising

Chapter 12: Designing Effective Publications -- Print and Electronic (Online)

Chapter 13: Researching, Writing and

Delivering Effective Speeches

Chapter 14: Being Ready for a Crisis [Tell it First -- Tell it Fast -- Tell it All -- Tell it Yourself]

Chapter 15: Public Relations Potpourri -- Other Strategic Communication Tools

Chapter 16: Public Relations/Strategic Communication Ethics and the Law

Chapter 17: Strategic Communication Checklist of Skills



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